Results from all events on the NCTC Calendar held at the Cape Schanck grounds, unless otherwise noted. Where neccessary Nepean members are shown in bold. Members gaining placings in other shoots can advise the results for inclusion on this page here. RESULTS

Results 2013

Nepean 23 August 2013 Night Shoot #5

AA: D Quick, G Boyd, N Bakker

A: C Paton, R Hendrikson, S Schmitter

B: R Lewis, P Mudge, D McKelvie

C: A Ackland, M Cozens, T Kupsch

Nepean SEZ 17 August 2013

Handicap: L Horsfall, A Stewart, A Psaila

D/B: Over All N Rundle

AA: M Dunkley, A Crawford

A: A Bird, N Zeckle

B: L McCluskey, A Weterman

C: A Stewart, A Elliot

Nepean 26 July 2013 Night Shoot #4

AA: D Quick, N McColl, B Doughty

A: C Paton, S Schmitter, J McColl

B: R Lewis, P Mudge, D McKelvie

C: A Ackland, M Cozens, T Kupsch

Nepean 20 July 2013 Peninsula Triangle

Cerberus H/cap

P Mac, P Lancaster, C Rowley, P Noy, S Morley

Nepean H/cap

L Quick, S Howd, C Rowley, A Weyermann, B McCall

Nepean D/B

AA: N Bakker, L Cazaley

A: A Kidd, C Sparey

B: L Quick, L Lancaster

C: B Buzzard, A Weyermann

Nepean 28 June 2013 Night Shoot #3

AA: N McColl, L Hawker, A Opie

A: R Hendrickson, C Paton, T Hammond

B: A Harris, M Hammond, S Motts

C: L Taylor, D McKelvie, B Law

Nepean 15 June 2013 Club

50 Tgt D/B

AA: S Lowery, R Burges

A: T Gregory, J Zechner

B: A Ferrai, J Tunks

C: A Stewart, L Horsfall

50 Tgt Cont

AA: B Woodward, J Keene

A: J Barklem, R Burges

B: A Ferrai, K Goetz

C: L Horsfall, M Sugars

Nepean 24 May 2013 Night Shoot #2

AA: G Boyd, A Crawford, D Quick

A: C Paton, T Hammond, T Masters

B: R Hendrikson, T Harris, A Harris

C: M Hammond, R Coleman, B Gordon

Nepean 18 May 2013 Club

100 Tgt Ball Trap

AA: C Carroll

A: G Spehrt, N Backer, J Mollica

B: N Quick

C: T Gregory, A Kidd, J Stirrup

Nepean 26 April 2013 Night Shoot #1

AA: B Doughty, D Quick, N Baker

A: J Bold, C Paton, T Hammond

B: R Goodwin, S Schmitter, D Hammond

C: T McNeil, D McKelvie, B Ayres

Nepean 21 April 2013 Club

50 Tgt Continental

AA: G Boyd, D Ball

A: G Light, M Rocca

B: L Quick, B Barlow

C: L Horsfall, B Waldron

50 Tgt Ball Trap

AA: N Bakker, K Calder

A: J Mollica, G Boyd

B: D Ball, L Cazaley

C: G Light, M Rocca

Nepean 16 March 2013 Club

AA: B Woodward, C Carroll, R Williams

A: M James, J Heyblom, M Peck

B: D Rosetto, L Quick, K Goetz

C: A Ferrai, L Horsfall, B Waldron

February 2, SEZ Foster Rnd 2

Nepean 19 January 2013 Club

AA: K Calder, D Ball, D Johnston

A: S Pellegrino, D McKenzie, P Lancaster

B: L Qirk, M Peck, C Moroney

C: P Keane, A Ferrai, S Weatherby

Scoreboard Photo
January 12, SEZ Mornington Rnd 1

Results 2012

Nepean 2012 Xmas Shoot

Double Barrel

AA: P Drennan, A Crawford, B Woodward

A: P Lancaster, L Mirrabella, J Heyblom

B: R Bullock, J Stirrup, B Barlow

C: C Paton, C Rowley, A Zoric

Point Score

AA: A Crawford, P Drennan, C Carrol

A: F Ibbot, A Kidd, D Clarke

B: M Peck, K Goetz, B Hunter

C: A Ferrari, C Paton, M McIntosh


AA: G Boyd, P Drennan, C Carrol

A: A Kidd, P Lancaster, G Tunks

B: L Qirk, S Schmitter, B Hunter

C: C Rowley, B Motram, C Paton

Mornington 2012 Xmas Shoot

Nepean 17 November 2012 Club Championship

2012 Club Champion Chris Carroll

AA: C Carroll, A Crawford, G Boyd

A: J Tunks, B McCall, F Ibbot

B: G Tunks, D Rosetto, J Clerke

C: A Zoric, C Rowley, R Luscombe

November 9th, 10th, 11th Victorian State Trap Carnival - Echuca

Vetrans Championship Team
1st. B Woodward, P Noy, C Carroll

Nepeans day out at Mornington 10 November

75 tgt Jack Ferrero Memorial D/B Championship

AA: A Ford, C Nelson

A: A Kidd, F Ibbot, J Heybloom

B: P Noy, R Cale, M McFarlane

C: M Alaimo, W Neil, K Lide

Check out number 4 B Grade score, Norms back!

Nepean 20 October 2012

Event 1, 50 Tgt D/B
AA: P Drennan, C Carroll
A: L Cazaly, C Moroney
B: L Qirk, B Barlow
C: C Rowley, J Stirrup

Event 2, 25 D/Double
1. A Crawford/C Carroll
2. T & D White
3. B McCall/L Cazaly

Event 3. 20 D/Triple
1. T & D White
2. A Kidd/G Boyd
3. C Carroll/H Crawford

Nepean 28 September 2012 Night Shoot #6 - 67 Shooters - Cold, Wet & Windy

AA: G Boyd, N McColl, B Doughty

A: T Masters, A Kidd, C Paton

B: R Hendrikson, D Hammond, K Perkins

C: R Wright, A Gregory, B Williamson

Ladies: L Hawker, S McColl

Juniors: L McIntosh, M Hammond

Series High Guns

O/A: Gavin Boyd

AA: Brian Doughty

A: Al Kidd

B: K Perkins

C: P Doughty

Ladies: Lisa Hawker

Jnr: L McDonald

Nepean 15 September 2012 N Quick Handicap

D Comelli, G Tunks, C Rowley

Mornington 25 August 2012 Dopey Doubles

1st J Stirrup & J Tunks,S Sawyer & P Drennan, L Cazaly & B Clark

Nepean 24 August 2012 Night Shoot #5 - 57 Shooters - Cold & Windy

AA: B Doughty, D Quick, G Boyd

A: A Kidd, D Mudge, D Hammond

B: K Perkins, B Harris, D Mudge

C: R Hendrikson, B Preston, J Hindle

Ladies: L Hawker, W Zoric

Juniors: L McIntosh, M Hammond

Nepean 18 August 2012 South East Zone Ball Trap Carnival

O/A HG M Crimmins

Event 1 50 tgt B/T Elimination

AA: T Malone, M Crimmins

A: A Crawford, N Bakker

B: L Hawker, S Russell

C: J Williams, S Towers

Event 2 50 tgt B/T Championship

AA: A Brady, M Crimmins

A: A Crawford, C Gray

B: G McDonald, L Hawker

C: J Williams, A Kidd

Nepean 27 July 2012 Night Shoot #4 - 71 Shooters - Cold & Windy

AA: G Boyd, B Doughty, D Quick

A: T Masters, T Hammond, P Doughty

B: O Comelli, B Harris, D Mudge

C: R Hendrikson, J Doe, C Rowley

Ladies: W Zoric, M Leckie

Juniors: J Harris, L McIntosh, M Hammond

Low Low Gun: Peter McMac

Nepean 21 July 2012 100 tgt Medley

AA: K Calder, P Drennan, A Crawford

A: J Mollica, N Bakker

B: S Towells, D Boyack

C: K Goetz, A Esplin

Hcp: G Boyd, R Bullock, S Towells, A Crawford, C Rowley

Nepean 22 June 2012 Night Shoot #3 - 40 Shooters - Cold & Windy

AA: G Boyd, D Quick, B Doughty

A: C Paton, Trevor Hung, P Doughty

B: D Mudge, D Mitchell, R Goodwin

C: P Kosach, D Guerin, R Hendrikson

16 June 2012 Peninsula Triangle Team Shoot

EO: L Hawker, P Drenham

Cerberus Handicap
K Goetz (15M)24, D Comelli (19M)23, A Kidd (19M)23

Nepean Handicap
M Peck (15M)23, N Bakker (19M)23, J Stirrup (15M)23

Double Barrel
AA: B Woodward, A Crawford
A: D Comelli, N Bakkker
B: P McSquirt, B Barlow
C: K Goetz, B McCall

Final Team Scores
Mornington 498
Nepean 494
Cerberus 448

3 June 2012 South East Zone Team Shoot - Frankston

Nepean Hcp:
AA: B Woodward (24M)22, D Cleary (23M)19, G Boyd (21M)19, F Ibbott (21M)17
A: N Bakker (19M)23, A Kidd (19M)21
B: T Gregory (17M)19, L Lancaster (17M)18
C: P Noy (15M)21, K Goetz (15M)21

Nepean D/Barrel:
Team 1: W Woodward 25, G Boyd 25, N Bakker 24, D Cleary 24, F Ibbott 24
Team 2: A Kidd 24, K Goetz 23, L Lancaster 22, T Gregory 22, P Noy 18

B Woodward 47, N Bakker 47, A Kidd 45, G Boyd 44, K Goetz 44, D Cleary 43,
T Gregory 41, F Ibbott 41, L Lancaster 40, P Noy 39

Most importantly Nepean 222 beat Mornington 220

Nepean 25 May 2012 Night Shoot #2 - 32 Shooters - Wet, Gale Force Winds & Cold

AA: N McColl, D Quick, A Crawford

A: G Nemecheck, J McColl, A Kidd

B: D Mudge, K Perkins, P Doughty

C: R Hendricson, R Cochrane, D Wendt

Ladies: L Hawker Juniors: M Hammond, L McIntosh

Nepean 19 May 2012 Memorial Shoot

AA: B Woodward, C Carroll, R Williams

A: C Moroney, P Keely, D Boyack

B: J Heyblom, G Tunks, B Barlow

C: L Quirk, C Rowley, M Peck

28 April 2012 South East Zone Team Shoot - Korumburra

Hcp: G Aston, G Tunks, J Tunks (Nepean)

A: F Ibbot (Nepean) C: K Goetz (Nepean) Junior: J Tunks (Nepean)

Nepean Team 1: B Woodward 46, G Boyd 48, P Lancaster 45, P McQuack 41, J Tunks 48 (228)

Nepean Team 2: F Ibbot 49, G Tunks 49, T Gregory 46, P Noy 45, R Bullock 48 (237)

Nepean Team 3: C Rogers 40, J Stirrup 41, A Zoric 31, L Lancaster 44, K Goetz 48 (204)

Nepean 27 April 2012 Night Shoot #1 - 64 Shooters - Dry, Clear & Mild

AA: G Boyd, D Quick, B Doughty

A: A Kidd, J McColl, C Paton

B: D Hammond, D Mitchell, K Perkins C: P Doughty, D Wendt, R Hendricson

Ladies: L Hawker, K McColl Juniors: C Wendt, L McIntosh

Nepean 21 April 2012

AA: A Crawford, B Woodward, K Calder A: G Boyd, D Comelli, C Moroney

B: P Keely, B Barlow, R Bullock C: K Goetz, A Zoric, B McCall

Nepean 17 March 2012

AA: A Crawford, B Woodward A: D Boyack, F Ibbot B: C Moroney, J Heyblom

C: G Polson, J Stirrup

24 February 2012 Victorian State Skeet Carnival - Frankston

State Skeet Handicap: D O'Sullivan 173/173, M Oxley 170/173, A Kidd (Nepean) 158/160

18 February 2012 SEZ Team Shoot Morwell

O/A High Gun: Gavin Boyd (Nepean)

B Grade High Gun: Geoff Tunks (Nepean)

Nepean Team 1: B Woodward 49/50, G Boyd 49/50, F Ibbot 43/50, G Tunks 47/50, P Lancaster 49/50

Nepean Team 2: P Macquack 46/50, L Quirk 46/50, P Noy 45/50, T Gregory 49/50, J Tunks 44/50

Nepean Team 3: C Rogers 45/50, A Zoric 37/50, J Stirrup 41/50, R Bullock 42/50, L Lancaster 43/50

Nepean 21 January 2012

E/O: R Garth, K Calder, G Tunks

75 Tgt Medley: AA: P Drennan, K Calder, C Carrol A: G Boyd, R Garth, L Mirrabella B:B Barlow, D Boyack, R Lide C: L Qirk, K Goetz, R Bullock

Results 2011

Nepean 17 December 2011 Christmas Shoot

D/B: AA: P Drennan, B Woodward, N Bakker A: G Boyd, U Moloney, L Mirabella B: J Williams, G Tunks, B Barlow C: K Goetz, L Quick, R Bullock
P/S AA: B Woodward, P Drennan, A Crawford A: B McFarlane, G Boyd, B Young C: M Delahae, L Lancaster, K Goetz
Skeet: AA: N Bakker, Stumpe, P Drennan A: L Mirrabella, B McFarlane, J Mollica B: A Kidd, O Comelli, S Sawyer C: C Rowley, A Zoric, R Bullock

2011 South East Zone Skeet Championship November 20 Frankston

OA: B Pearson AA: B Moss A: T O'Connell, L Irons B: D Parsell, M Turner C: A Kidd (Nepean), C Chambers

Nepean 19 November 2011 Club Championship

2011 Club Champion Gavin Boyd

AA: A Crawford, F Ibbott, N Bakker A: G Boyd, L Cazaly, P Lancaster B: J Hayblom, C: R Bullock, L Quick, K Goetz

Gavin Boyd

2011 South East Zone Final Team Results

Melbourne 1162
Werribee 1151
Morwell 1149
Nepean 1134
Frankston 1127
Wonthaggi 1099
Cerberus 1068
Foster 988
Korumburra 919
Mornington 658

South East Zone Carnival Frankston 22 October 2011

Handicap: J Grivas 58/58, N Zechner 57/58, M Whitelaw 42/43, B/M B Brown 28/29, Junior J Zechner

DB: OA B Dunstan 123/123, AA: F Santoro 122/123, W Hawker 112/113, A: W Preston 53/54, T Plum 52/53, B: C Prince 43/44, K Dunkley 35/36, C: A Kidd (Nepean) 58/58, J Grivas 57/58, Ladies: S Lennane 30/31, Junior: U Maloney 48/49

SB: OA G Ashton 70/70, AA: M Crimmins 68/70, A Brady 43/44, A: L Mirabella 39/40, w Preston 28/29, B: CP Pingham 26/27, K Shae 25/27, C: J Grivas 27/31, M Hopkins 26/31, Ladies: L Hawker 39/40, Junior: J Wallace 27/28

Points: OA W Hawker 240/240, AA: C Henwood 239/240, W Esplin 115/116, A: S McGrath 209/210, J Lennane 174/177, B: N Zechner 72/75, P Lancaster (Nepean) 90/91, C: J Grivas 70/75, J Zechner 69/70, Ladies: I McJames 72/75, Junior: J Lennane 75/75

Carnival High Gun: W Hawker 160/162
Ladies High Gun: I McJames 140/150
Junior High Gun: N Zechner 143/150

Series High Guns
Overall: T Psalia 238/250
Handicap: M Woods 118/125
D/Barrel: W Woodward 125/125
Junior: M Woods 233/250

Nepean 15 October 2011

E/O 10 Tgt F Ibbott, A Crawford

AA: A Crawford, B Woodward A: G Boyd B: B Barlow C: A Kidd, L Quirk

Nepean 23 September 2011 Night Simulated Sporting

AA: B McColl, P Lancaster, D Quick, A: M Venturini, R Jones, G Nemereck, B: A Gregory, L Quick, K Perkins, C: G Tunks, R Wright, D Cleary, Ladies: W Zoric, T Buckland, Juniors: J Tunks, R Hendrickson

Nepean 17 September 2011 100 Tgt B/T

AA: P Mills A: G Boyd, R Williams B: L Hawker, B Barlow C: G Tunks, A Zoric, C Rowley

Nepean 26 August 2011 Night Simulated Sporting

AA: B Doughty, G Boyd, D Quick, A: C Paton, J McColl, N Bakker, B: C Leckie, R Goodwin, R Lewis, C: A Gardiner, D Mitchell, S Toll, Ladies: L Hawker, T Buckland, W Zoric, Juniors: M Hammond, M Wright, J Nemecek,

Encouragement Awards: Danielle & Cameron Dirk

Nepean 20 August 2011

E/O 5 Pair D/R Paul Drennan

20 Pair D/D 18M: P Drennan/S Sawyer, D Cleary, N Bakker

60 Tgt Medley, 30 D/B, 30 P/S: AA: P Drennan, D Cleary, A: N Bakker, G Boyd, B: S Sawyer, G Tunks, C: T Hammond

State Night D/D Title 18M

30 Pair D/D 18M: N Bakker/D Cleary, P Drennan/S Sawyer

D Cleary/N Bakker
P Drennan/S Sawyer

South East Zone
Round 4 Foster ( Shot at Korumburra ) 13 August 2011

Handicap: R Bullock, P Mitchell, R Wallace, B/M T Psalia, Jun/ Front Marker J Hollingworth

DB: OA G.Aston, AA: T Psalia, C Brown, A: T Rowe, M Dunkley, B: E Woods, B Barlow, C: T Gregory, G Tunks (Nepean)

Overall High Gun: M Woods
Ladies High Gun: B McMillan
Junior High Gun: A: J Wallace, B: M Woods, C: M Hollingsworth

Winning Team: Morwell Black, K Calder, B Stokes, C Murphy, K Shaw, D Kendall 291/300

Winning Junior Team: Melbourne, J Wallace, M Woods 116/120

Melbourne 923, Morwell 919, Werr/Vic 911, MCCCTC 906, Nepean 897, Frank/Aust 891 Cerberus 884, Wonthaggi 880, Foster 809, Korumburra 794, Mornington 658

Juniors: Melbourne 369, Mornington 183